Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I like my job

This last week was a nice microcosm of my African experiences. I had to deal with disapointments (my knee injury and not being able to play soccer, go on walks, etc...), had adventures (like meeting a man who works at the hospital while going to pick up Karen's finished engagement ring, who then took me to the hospital, took me past any lines, gave me an x-ray and read it all for free. "I just wanted to say thank you for coming all this way to help out country"- his stated reason why), and some really enjoyable times of relationship.
Of note, I've gotten to explain the gospel in a natural and meaningful way twice in the last week. Both happened at the Boy's Ranch and flowed from what we were already discussing in Bible study. They weren't planned, and extended our conversations further than any of us had anticipated when we began. The first night, one guy, Beya (18) understood in a very personal way the reality that a day of accounting is actually going to come. It was a holy moment, actually, one which I've rarely been a part of.
I've also continued to enjoy the Bible study at the orphanage, and the children there seem to be getting into it a bit more. This Friday, they all had their assigned verse memorized! I'm so proud of them, especially that they've begun to work harder on it, rather than just letting it slide. I've continued telling stories to illustrate the truths in the verses we study, and they've continued to enjoy them!

I also got to have a skype conversation with John Kameru, my dear friend and colleague at AMCC! He was in high spirits, and enjoyed telling me about their first mango order (which brought in a $90 profit over two weeks, and also allowed him to stay at AMCC!), the accomplishments of the children at AMCC (many 3 of whom are ranked 1st in their glass, 2 are 2nd). One child at AMCC (Joseph) has been ranked 8th in his grade out of the 40 surrounding schools, and another girl (Teresia) won a poetry reading contest and will be going on a trip to Mombasa (the 2nd largest city in Kenya, 8 hours away, on the ocean) paid for by her school!
Nick is also wrapping up his time at AMCC, and leaves on the 31st- just a few days away!

Please pray for:
- God to move through the Bible studies that Karen and I are doing here.
- Grace in transition for the Walkers, Karen, myself, and Nick as we're all leaving Africa in the next month.
- Provision for AMCC, and for profits to increase from their sustainability project.
- Wisdom and presence for Karen and I as we transition, not only culturally, but relationally.
Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. They are appreciated!
P.S. No one has responded to me about paying for my Zambian visa, so don't feel shy if you want to! ;-)

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  1. Sounds like things are going well (sorry to hear about the knee). I miss you. You're in my thoughts.